Types Of Christmas Lights

Christmas lights are special kind of bulbs that display different colours and are used for decorative purposes during the Christmas period. Over the years, technology advancements have greatly transformed the whole idea of the working and illumination of Christmas lights. Below is a breakdown of some of the common type of Christmas light.

• The Incandescent Bulbs

These happen to be the most common type of lights and also the oldest in terms of use. They are quite affordable and an ideal choice for anyone who does not want to stretch their budget. Once set up they illuminate a dazzling glow of white colour. At times the bulbs are multi-coloured and can, therefore, illuminate different colours.

• The LED Christmas Lights

In terms of energy consumption, these kinds of bulbs happen to be energy efficient and have a bright eye-catching glow. They are quite durable and have been proven to last up to 20 times longer than the normal incandescent kind of Christmas lights. Once lit, they emit a very minimal amount of heat and will not end up heating up the house when used indoors.

• Strand Lights

In terms of aesthetics, this type of Christmas lights stand. They have a classic appearance and if the bulbs come in different colors, the illumination is quite colorful. They give the user room to be creative as they can easily be wrapped around objects such as trees, cabinets and even railings with ease.

• Rope Lights

Made of Exterior plastic, they happen to be quite durable. The cable connecting the bulbs in this type of Christmas lights happens to be very long. They are an ideal choice of lights for exterior decorations due to their length, flexibility, and durability.

• Net Lights

These types of Christmas lights are quite convenient to install as you need not worry about individual strands of the bulbs. The whole system comes set up in one fixed net-like shape. All you need is to hang the net and you are done. These types of nets are perfect as an outdoor decoration as one can decorate a large area within a very short time.

• Icicle Lights

The design of the lights makes them very beautiful and they also happen to be easy to install. The lights are also cheaper than most other types of Christmas lights.

• Spot lights

Is an ideal choice for an outdoor decoration. Once installed on your lawn they are bound to make the view irresistible.

• Projector Lights
For those who are tired of the whole process of installing Christmas, lights projector lights are the kind of lights to go for. A single projector light can illuminate a very large area in an array of colors.

• Path Lights

These lights are specifically designed to light up your driveway or the entrance to your home. They come in various shapes such as snowflakes or even candy canes.

• Inflatable Lights

If you have kids, these kinds of lights are just what you need. The lights are incorporated into massive inflatables of items such as bears or reindeer. The glow on these inflatables, once the lights are switched on, makes them look quite beautiful.